So Clear (Charity Single)

"So Clear" (Sample)

So...... back in 1998 there's a knock at the door...

“I've come to view the room...” he said.

“Well I've got a couple of people interested already but come and have a quick look anyway just in case”, I replied.

Next minute he spotted my squash rackets perched against the wall ready for action. “...oh, so you play a bit then, yeah, nice one cheeky one up and down the walls sometime, team squash and all that...”

Well that sorted it.....

“The room’s all yours Justyn!”...and that's where our friendship all began, and  before you knew it we were soon at the squash club cheering on Justyn's dad Tony, playing squash tournaments for his team in the Army.

I met his wonderful family too and felt very much a part of them. Whenever we arranged to go out on our regular squash, drinks in the bar then curry, sorry Justyn but I always came out with the same line “Yeah your dad coming?”

Some years after, Justyn was seduced by a woman and she took him away from me until finally Justyn told me he was getting married. I congratulated him and in the back of my mind was thinking you better bloody invite me..... and we had a ball in Thailand, a fantastic wedding.

Earlier this year, 2016, I was looking forward to meeting up with Justyn and Tony for the usual squash, drink, and curry, when Justyn told me his dad wasn't very well.  Two weeks later I rang him to see how he was, Justyn told me he was on his way to A&E as we spoke, and only six days after that Tony had passed away due to pancreatic cancer. So quick, unfortunately I never got a chance to say goodbye. I went to a jam packed funeral and felt for Tony’s family and couldn't imagine how they could be feeling. I wrote this song soon afterwards and have had it professionally recorded as a gift to Justyn and his family and in respect of Tony. I sat down at my piano and began to tinkle when this tune unfolded and the lyrics just came out as I tried to imagine being in Justyn's shoes, I wrote as if he had written the words himself. I just can't believe that someone can go so quickly... here one day and, before you know it, gone the next....

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