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Dave's interest in music originally started at the age of 16 learning to play the guitar and, after realising he couldn't, he chose to try singing instead.

Later Dave and a friend decided to visit Goldsmiths College in South East London for some evening classes and take it from there.

During this period he met with some locals and formed his first cover band. His friend had also started a band who were writing their own songs (you may have heard of him, Conner Reeves) and went on to have 3 top twenty hits of his own and has written with Tina Turner, Artful Dodger, Rod Stewart, Blue, Joss Stone, while Dave got a proper job!

After this Dave partnered a talented guitarist and songwriter, Tony Hallinan, and formed '2 Experienced'. They recorded two songs and landed a three year management deal with Tigon records.

After a break from the music business Dave experimented with writing his own songs and music and the occasional recording session, co-writing an album under the name of 'Monkeypuzzle'. Later he joined a newly formed band, writing and performing original material in the Reading area called 'Chocky' although it was difficult to get recognition when the public didn't know the songs. After that when he joined a band called 'Whipjack'.

At present Dave is the lead singer in a rock covers band called 'Whipjack' which have been playing venues in and around Buckinghamshire and beyond for some five years. The nucleus of the band has been together for over ten years now and has played under various guises.

The line up includes a lead singer, two lead/rhythm guitarists, bass guitarist and drummer.They play some original music and covers with a repertoire comprising a wide variety of styles suitable for most occasions. Artists covered range from Elvis to Black Sabbath.

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